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Lead Encapsulation primer/paints?

Encapsulate lead contaminated surfaces, such as paint, brick, and concrete with a safe, effective encapsulation is isn't always the best solution. Although it leaves a clear coating smooth/satin finish there still is a small risk for exposure over time. Lose and flaky paint chips contain lead even after the surfaces has been coated properly. Keep in mind when looking for an alternative, don't be fooled by flashy gimmicks. 

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Zhe Industries, LLC provides careful planning of lead removal services using the industries safest most advanced methods of abatement available on the market. Zero lead exposure during the lead based abatement project. You can worry-free that you and your family are with highly-skilled and experienced hards. 


Lead Removal and abatement

 Lead paint removal is the best solution to ensure that you and your family aren't exposed. Contain, removal, properly disposed of, and problem solved. Zhe Industries guarantees quality of work to exceed expectations or we'll pay you. Call today for your free estimate and you'll be on your way to a happier healthier home.