We contract with local laboratories who are accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Program, LLC (AIHA-LAP, LLC) in the Environmental Microbiology accreditation program for Air, Bulk, and Surface Direct. Fungal Spore Identification Examination by Optical Microscopy using  ASTM:D7381-17 and ASTM:D7658-17  supplemented by ALS-110, 111 and 112.  Microscopist who are highly trained in fungal spore identification. Capable of identifying Individual spores species by percentages. You’d be provide a detailed report of Mold spores within the air or on a surfaces. The detailed report will explain what mold spore are considered common and those that are toxic. Also common symptoms one may experience from specific mold spores.

Zhe Industries, LLC

Mold Remediation Certificate # VA-010244


Leading cause of mold growth is bathroom exhaust venting into attic, roof leaks, and crawl spaces issues. We use infrared temperature scanners, draft detection, internal/surface moisture readings, relative humidity levels, ambient temperature, wet bulb temperature, and dew-point temperature to identify the source of mold growth.

Zhe Industries, LLC uses 1080p 4k video/photography of the inside of walls/cavities to find the precise locations and severity of mold growth leaving only 3/8 size hole easy to patch. We can provide detail mold spore identification using advanced sampling methods behind walls/cavities leaving a hole smaller then your index finger. Don't be fooled by other remediation Contractors telling you your entire wall needs to be taken out. Zhe Industries, LLC methodology can save you thousands in unnecessary remediation. In most cases only first lower five feet will need to be removed. We can treat the remainder

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The First step in mold remediations is finding and eliminating the source of moisture/humidity. Zhe Industries, LLC has acquired the education, experience, and licensing to go the extra mile. Not only are we an environmental remediation specialist we are a state licensed Residential Builder. We can locate and repair leaking roofs. Identify and correct attic ventilation and insulation problems. Install foundation drainage and waterproofing. Encapsulate crawlspaces, install dehumidifiers, correct ventilation, and insulation issues. Truly the last call you ever have to make. We are the one stop contractor, call or text today!!

Zhe Industries, LLC  uses the latest and most advanced remediation methodology available in the industry. We have industrial HEPA & Carbon filtration air scrubbers capable of five or more full air exchanges per hour. Exceeding EPA requirements for remediation practices. We use an Atomizer Fogger technology capable of dispensing mold surfactant/disinfectant at particle of 0-50 microns. Ideal for killing 99.99% of all airborne mold, viruses, and bacteria. The concentrated particles are capable of reaching areas once thought to be impossible. 

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